Hey! Let me Introduce myself…
My name is Karla Pizzica and I’m here to empower you to manifest your VISION through digital platforms

Besides being a Web Developer and Graphic Designer, my passions are (but not only defined to being) an artist, musician, crafter, spiritualist, moon gazer, wife & Mumma bear to 2 beautiful girls amongst other things and not in that particular order.

What I am bringing to you here on this website is my passion and my work.  You will find here is:

  • Graphic Design & Web Development Services for heart centered business & ventures;
  • My Intentional Art & Channeled Mandalas;
  • My blog on everything from finding creativity, moon phases, living intentionally, meditation, spirituality, being a Mumma and more.

In the future when my girls are a little more grown, I’ve got some exciting products I am going to launch but right now I’m further developing my practice and helping you shine your light through the talents I have been given.






My Mission

I ask myself that all the time and constantly redefining it, but essentially, what makes me radiant is being creative and helping others share their light on the world.   I want to use my work as an artist, graphic designer & web developer help my tribe to shine their unique message into the Universe through their Sacred Online Space, branding, Workshops or just inspiration through Instagram or my blog.

Secondly,  I want to share with YOU to find your own unique creativity.  This is a driving force and I want you to experience the radiance and fulfillment that expressing yourself creatively can bring you.

For a long time my creativity has been stuck or overrun – leaving me feeling not so great (see my blog post “When Creativity Calls” for a more in depth explanation). I have now found a balance, an outlet and free flowing expression. I accepted it was my soul calling in life to be a creative. As soon as I let go of the self limiting beliefs that I may not be good enough, inspiration has rained down on me – and it can for you too.

I want to inspire you to let go, to surrender and accept the beautifully creative & radiant person you are. This is not to say just because you draw/write/sing etc that you will become happy. No. It is the acceptance and giving yourself permission that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO CREATE (say it with me!). I am on this journey with you and I thank you for sharing it with me.


Hey there beautiful! I'm so glad you find you here.

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I look forward to sharing this journey together - I promise I won't spam you!