The day I changed my Mind-Set

I remember the day - it was the 1 July... my brother -in-law was in a coma in ICU after suffering a stroke and my husband was sick on the lounge suffering the dreaded winter flu.  I should have been overwhelmed..  I had two kids needing me, my husband to look after, housework to

Life Purpose, Authenticity & Judgement

When I get the call to blog, I usually have something very urgent to share.  Today is not an exception.  For those waiting for my more technical blogs, they're coming (thanks for being so patient), but now more pressing matters are being brought to my psyche and this is where my passion and purpose lies.

My Life Changing Year

My Life Changing Year... I'm going to say it - 2016 was SHIT!  I mean really really shitty, nothing hugely bad happened, it was a generally crappy year which ended with a nervous breakdown out of which, I can proudly say, emerged a butterfly. It wasn't until I was out of the other