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Creating your online presence (via branding/web design/digital marketing) requires inspired action, creativity, deep customer understanding, mindset work & a clear vision of what you want to create.  

It also needs strategy & tactics and technical know how.  And I know that many of you are trying to do this yourself?

How can you be potent when you water it down with all the things?

Manifesting those dreams into reality is super hard if not impossible if you are trying to cram extra skills ON TOP of doing what you do best (plus throw housework, children & social life in there) just to succeed in your business.   As a Woman in business myself (with Kids), I know what it’s like to juggle, have no time and feel completely overwhelmed. I’ve been there. I’ve done all the things myself. I’ve burnt out.

But now I know a better way.

This is where I swoop in to save you. 

Not only do I help you with the technical & strategic side, I show you how to “do” your business from a cyclic perspective, using Moon Cycles and your energy as a a guide.  I empower you with knowledge and techniques so you no longer have to be on the hamster wheel of action & burnout.

From my signature program – Launch my Brand to the Moon™ (which encompasses everything from brand development, mindset & working to your cycles, web development & digital marketing – coming soon) to more focussed attention on specific areas of your business (see services above).  

Believe me, investing in yourself and in your business will save you so much time and it will serve your business in a big way.

Click on an option below or if you want to chat about your options…

Business & Mindset Coaching

My month long program is for women in business especially to guide you to your true authenticity & power.  Using the moon cycle and your own energy, we tap into your own personal power & find your own unique way to “do” your business & life.


Brand Design & Development

Do you have a new business or an existing business but not a lot of clarity on how to express your vision to the market?  Did you know that your brand is more than your logo, colours & fonts.  If you’re going to do it properly, let’s talk.


Website Design & Development

Yes you can do your website all by yourself, but why would you?  If your zone of genius isn’t website design, then let me take that off your hands.   I have affordable & highly customised packages (including copywriting) with payment plans.  You’re welcome!


Digital Marketing

Beautiful branding  – check.  Amazing website – check. Now what? Where are the clients?  Without this you have no business babe.  Again – you can figure out the algorithms on Instagram & Facebook and stay up to midnight learning SEO or trying to figure out what your market needs or wants all by yourself or… You can click below and talk to me.  I have  you covered.


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