You hold the Vision

I’m your Translator, your Support, your Collaborator…

Hello! I’m Karla – I am here to help & empower YOU to share and manifest your online VISION. Whether I create for you a fully customised Website, style your brand, provide Graphic Design services or help rid your overwhelm and guide you through the sometimes confusing world of web design as you DIY your own.

If you haven’t made that step yet because of fear, overwhelm or confusion – we can work together and I will hold your hand and guide you easily and effortlessly through what you may have thought to be a daunting experience into a beautifully joyous process.  With 17 years of being web developer and designer – I can cut through the tech lingo and talk to you in plain English 😉 – making all that confusion melt away in an instant and in turn empowering you in knowledge.

Manifesting your dreams into reality is an AH-mazing feat and I’m here to support you on that journey.

Whether you work with me 1 on 1, participate in group training sessions (soon to be released in the second half of 2017), or read my blog and get inspiration to DIY – I am here to inspire the creativity and authentic voice within you, to EMPOWER you to manifest your online vision.

You are the Soul Seeker, the Creative, The Lightworker, The Magic Maker, The Healer, The Wild Heart, The Soulpreneur, The Priestess, The Yogi & Meditator.

The Divine inspires you and you wish to move through life with grace, including your passion, your work, your soul calling.

How Can I Help?

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Kind Words

“Karla is my WordPress Fairy! If your like me and find WordPress sends you into a downward spiral once things get technical, allow Karla to weave her magic on your site! Karla is an absolute dream to communicate with and understood my terrible WordPress lingo. Karla also promptly tied up all my loose ends, healed links and tackled the demons lurking in the backend of my site with such grace and ease. I feel incredibly lucky to have Karla as my WordPress Fairy, it brings me a lot of comfort knowing that if anything goes wrong I can trust she will restore peace within my site. If her light wasn’t SO needed in the world I’d keep her secret, but because I’m so grateful for the work she has done for me I’d highly recommend Karla to anyone who needs a little magic weaved within their sites.”

Janelle Crawford, Authenticity Coach

 “I feel SO grateful and blessed to have connected with Karla.  I honestly feel that the Universe guided me to her.  I was looking for a web-designer to help me with my WordPress website, which I had created myself (as an absolute non-tech beginner) for my soul-inspired creative business.  I wanted (needed!) a professional to improve its design and functionality, and someone that I could co-create my evolving website with moving forward.  And so I met Karla, the ‘Wordpress Fairy’.  I instantly felt that I could hand my Beloved website over to her to work her magic.  I LOVE everything she did with my site and working with her is a dream.  I feel she is very intuitive, efficient, heart-based, affordable, and an absolute JOY to work with.  Prior to connecting with Karla I felt intimidated and overwhelmed with the process of ‘hiring’ a web professional… now I feel totally supported and resonant with my website ‘guru’ and it is such a relief to have someone that I trust and connect with to turn to when I need HELP.”

Katrina Smith
Heart & Hands Creations


Join me in Soulpreneurs with other heart-centered business women (and men).  Together we can become powerful and spread the light.