Hey there beautiful! Thank you for taking time to find out more about the person behind the face.

Hey there beautiful!! I’m glad you’ve made a sneak peek to see what I’m about.  I’m all about authenticity & vulnerability, so I’d love to tell you about myself.

I’ve been a Brand & web designer for nearly 20 years. I’ve also been a singer & performer during this time and have a plethora of personal creative projects on the go (because that’s how I roll).   I am a mama of two freakin strong, creative & amazing girls and a wifey to my husband of 22 years and a cat named Coco.  It is a rare day if I’m not wearing leopard print and I love spending my mornings drinking an almond latte and drinking in my view (yes this is where I live in the photo).

I woke up from the slums of anxiety after having my kids and slowing pulled myself out of the mud into the embodied and empowered state I am now, I know my purpose here is to if there is one thing I’m completely passionate about is helping women wake up to their power & Authenticity.    I do this twofold by..

  • Helping women in biz stay in their zone of genius & authenticity by giving them time to concentrate on what they do best (Click here to work with me); and
  • Afternoon retreats & circles where we work on honouring our divine feminine self – by giving them time, tools & exercises to sense and allow the truest vision of themselves.  (click here to see events)

It is my honour to help rise up the feminine power in this world – which it so desperately needs.  All races, creeds and colour are welcome in this space to celebrate & honour our similarities and differences.  

An empowered women changes the world by osmosis.  Just by standing in her own strength she is potent.  

We need to be in our full power to bring back the balance from patriarchy this world is run by.  My mission to to empower women to manifest their own unique magick into this world.

So please don’t water down your potential by overwhelming yourself.  We need you to value yourself enough to make this happen. We need you to shine at what you do best so you can make more of an impact in this world.


The Full "Karla" Story

I ALWAYS loved art.  Ever since I was a child all I did was make things, draw beautiful things and sing.

I immersed myself in art & theatre when I was in high school which got me through, because I absolutely hated the system.

When I left school at 17 I was rushed into work (I didn’t go to schoolies) and became an office junior which then progressed into becoming a receptionist and then legal secretary over a period of 8 years. I did this because it was “safe”.  

I yearned to do something more creative and dreamt of being the graphic designer or desktop publisher at the companies I was working at.

I switched job after job after job because they didn’t fulfill me.

I decided at 19 that I wanted to apply for the College of Graphic Design – I got the application form and went for the interview, but I never completed it.  

I was too scared.

Too scared of failure and not being realistic.

Fast forward 5 years, I left full time employed work forever after a series of spiritual awakenings and strong feelings of unhappiness and started living my childhood dream.  I became a singer. My boyfriend (now my husband) and I started an acoustic duo and we haven’t looked back since.

But that band needed a website and we had no money to pay for it.  So after hanging out with the web designers at my very last job as an executive assistant in the city, and learning the basics, I decided to teach myself web and grahpic design so I could do it myself.  I spent 6 months full time (whilst gigging) teaching myself the skills. 

This is what started it all 18 years ago, back when the web was a mass of static HTML websites and primary colours all on dial-up.

This is why I know the mind-fuck it can be- I wish I had ‘present me’ guiding me through the process!

I have been a musician and web & graphic designer ever since.  We have bought houses, made an abundant living, travelled and had kids.  All while being self-employed. Now I’m not singing on stage anymore, I have devoted myself to helping people who were brave enough to leave their unhappiness behind and move toward manifesting their dreams. 

I’ve always thought from an early age – “What is life if you’re not happy?”

This has always been my mantra and kept me searching, expanding and learning.

I hope this mantra keeps you searching, expanding and learning too.

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