Branding Development & Design

Figuring out your “brand” yourself can be tricky… seriously, trying to concisely define who you are and what you do can be a challenging feat – I mean how do you reduce a complex human being into a logo, tagline & look?  

Defining your brand is so much more than that… I will take you through your values, again your WHY, WHO you’re serving & HOW you want to serve. We will look at your likes & dislikes of what is currently out there and narrow down your palette of colours, images and how you present yourself in imagery and copy.


From brand mentoring – I will create your logo, your colour palette, your fonts, your social media headers & graphics, your email headers, backgrounds & elements into one package.  Having this available to you makes it easier for your web developer or graphic designer (if you choose not to work with me) to adhere to your authentic brand.  

LOGO DESIGN starts from $660 ($550 if buying with a web design package)

FULL BRANDING PACKAGE starts from $990 (included in Custom Alchemy package and $880 if bought with a Starter Package

1 hour MENTORING CLARITY CONSULT – $165 (click here to book)


For all my life I have been creating beautiful images and now it’s my job and I get to do this for you (woohooo!)

My passion is mandalas & what I call ‘alchemy art’ and would love to design you your very own talisman or collage piece. I am extremely diverse in my talents and can intuit  what you need.  My personal style is magical, alchemic & pastel, as you can see, but I can definitely move away from that into a different type of design if needed.

I always urge my clients to ignore trends and go with what feels authentic to their own tastes and representations.  We want your brand to represent your heart & soul, and for your potential client to connect with that. If you follow a trend rather than what you truly love – then your potential client will miss your glorious essence!

Go here to see some example of my work


Business & Mindset Coaching

My month long program is for women in business especially to guide you to your true authenticity & power.  Using the moon cycle and your own energy, we tap into your own personal power & find your own unique way to “do” your business & life.


Website Design & Development

Yes you can do your website all by yourself, but why would you?  If your zone of genius isn’t website design, then let me take that off your hands.   I have affordable & highly customised packages (including copywriting) with payment plans.  You’re welcome!


Digital Marketing

Beautiful branding  – check.  Amazing website – check. Now what? Where are the clients?  Without this you have no business babe.  Again – you can figure out the algorithms on Instagram & Facebook and stay up to midnight learning SEO or trying to figure out what your market needs or wants all by yourself or… You can click below and talk to me.  I have  you covered.


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This is my authentic self…. follow my journey, art, inspiration and magic here..

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Need clarity for your brand & marketing right now?

Are you struggling with finding clarity on your brand voice & identity?  Are you confused what do to with your website or marketing?

Look no further my friend.  THIS is the workbook I give all my clients to read through before they work with me, either in my mentoring programs OR with brand identity & web development.

You can now own your copy of Online Alchemy:: A Workbook to help you launch your Brand with Clarity & Soul for only $22 (and if we ever do work together – I’ll reimburse you).

You have nothing to lose and clarity to gain!