EVENT: Creating Your Authentic Online Presence 

An interactive workshop to help you create your branding/website & social media presence without being overwhelmed and full of heart-centred authenticity.

Each fortnight there will be an ‘Empower Hour’ coming to you.

This is for women in business looking for a supportive, empowering environment to fill their cup for an hour and a half until the next catch up.

Meet and connect with other likeminded kick-arse women in business, all who share the same ethos of connection and collaboration. 

We are child friendly, so ‘Mother Hustler’, what are you waiting for? Get out, get inspired and become empowered!

Please pre book our childcare facility prior to this meeting.

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I love collaborating and connecting with fellow soul business owners.  Below I am compiling a list of people I love to work with… For the time being… Let me introduce Nelle Georges of Nelle In the Sky.  She is a copywriting whiz and brand mentor extraordinaire and I absolutely LOVE working with her… Here is Nelle introducing herself to you.

Hi, I’m Nelle.  I’m a lifelong devotee to the craft of word-brokering, that is, I shop around in the ether for the perfect words for your brand. I sometimes call it copywriting, sometimes conceptual engineering.

Beyond the placement of wordage, I swell with joy in aligning clients with the emotional scaffolding for their brand, illuminating their unique gifts and refining their offerings to purely articulate their soul purpose.

more coming soon…

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This is my authentic self.... follow my journey, art, inspiration and magic here..

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Karla x


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