Mandala Talismans

What is Intentional Art?  Isn’t all art intentional? Well yes and no…  To put it simply, how I define Intention Art is art is as my meditation.  I usually have an intention behind it when I draw or paint and it helps me work through “stuff”.  I started drawing Mandalas & Zentangles to work through my anxiety which helped me immensely. Now whenever I feel I need to work through something, I draw a mandala or sketch (whatever flows) while at the same time meditate on that Intention or feeling which I need to work through.

On my hazy days (and don’t we all have those), I pick from one of my intention deck and create from that.    These Mandalas and sketches are drawn on stone, wood or paper and the mediums used are ink, pen, watercolour & acrylics.  I love to use my graphic design skills to create prints out of my artworks.

I want to inspire you to create your own Intentional Art as well.  All you need is your clear intention, a loving space, an open mind and art materials.  If you need help, ask me how.


Intentional Mandalas

I create Mandalas for myself and I also love creating them for anybody who feels drawn to my energy & work.

I do a short meditation first to center myself, then I focus on the intention and start drawing.  A bespoke custom mandala is perfect for those changes in life, such as birthing, marriage, releases and new beginnings.   It involves a consultation (Skype is great!) where I can connect to your energy and we talk about your situation, your intention, colours you are drawn to.  If you would like to me create your own sacred Mandala please contact me (P.O.A.).

I have also created a Chakra Meditation for myself which involved/s (and I’m still going) drawing a Mandala for for each of the chakras starting from the Root Chakra then working through until I reach the Crown Chakra.  Each one is a healing/clearing process which has proven to be very potent.  There will be a Colouring & Workbook (coming soon) so you can journey through your Chakras with me.  Email me to register your interest.


Soulful Art

These are my ramblings and result of inspiration knocking on my door and guiding my hand to draw.  I don’t sketch or draw everyday, but when I get a flow, I can’t stop myself from creating the vision that I can see in my mind’s eye….  It can be anything from Spirit Animals, to Goddesses to full page Zentangles.  Whatever flows, I draw.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved creating them.  Prints will be available in my Shop very soon.