to design & build your very own website


have you been overwhelmed with starting your website and don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry – I have your back!

You will have access to 4 videos that were recorded live in an online class setting to learn the basics of WordPress & my choice of theme, Divi and to teach & empower you to build yourself a functional & authentic website. 

This is a wholistic course and bring together practicality & technicality with the heart-space,  giving you sacred tools & exercises to support you on the journey of expressing yourself to the world. This way when you build your website, you will be presenting your full, amazing, authentic SELF.  I’m here to teach you “the how”, but will also guide you to identify your “why” and how to implement that within your visual brand

By the end of the training you will have gained the knowledge and information to have built your own website using WordPress which will convey your authentic brand to your audience.  You will also have a good understanding of the “nuts & bolts” of the backend of WordPress in order to maintain the health of your site. 

You will have access to a Members only resource library and have access to a members only Facebook Group for an extra $29/month to ask me any questions in relation to getting online.  Think of me as your web designer/branding coach at your disposal.

What You Will Learn..

By the end of the four videos and other resources in the member area, you will confidently know how to set up, design and use a basic 5 page site in WordPress, using the same plugins, features and systems as I would provide to you in my custom service (from the price of $4400).

Before you start you will be guided to set up your domain, hosting and WordPress.  All step by step instructions are downloadable within the Members Area and you will have access upon registration.

You will also receive my free eBook – Online & Authentic :: Manifest your Magick Online with Ease as your starting point for this journey.  Within this eBook are the holistic stepping stones to preparing for your online journey – practical & esoteric.

Here is weekly outline of what you will learn from this membership:


Week 1:


  • A guide through the Member’s portal.
  • Sacred tools & exercises to help you on your online journey.
  •  How to display your visual branding in an effective way.
  • What is WordPress, a theme & a plugin?
  • Logging into your WordPress site and uploading your theme & required plugins.
  • Walking you through the admin Dashboard, where the important areas that you need to know are and how it all works together.
  • How to create Menus, Pages & Posts (the correct order to do everything – with a downloadable PDF from the Member’s Area).
  • The Anatomy of a Home Page.
  • How prepare the setout & copy for your site.
  • Your homework for the week.

Week 2:


  • Taking your homework from the previous week and laying out your Home Page using the theme’s inbuilt templates.
  • What is Divi? Let’s learn how to use it.
  • We will learn how to optimise your images and why this is important.
  • Create beautiful images, gradients & colors for your backgrounds.
  • Create a custom bulleted list (such as this one).
  • Your homework for the week.


Week 3:


  • Taking your homework from the previous week and laying out your sub-pages & blog using the theme’s inbuilt templates or your own design.
  • What is a widget and how to build a sidebar for your blog.
  • Creating your opt-in and linking it to Mailchimp.
  • Integrating social media within your site.
  • Your Homework for the week.


Week 4:


  • Reviewing your copy and important aspects used for Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Refining your site design.
  • Social Media Graphics for Instagram Facebook headers (templates available in Member’s Area).
  • Sending you onward & outward with empowerment that you have done this! Wooot! 


  • Lifetime access to the Members Area for all your resources, code snippets, downloads & “How to” PDF’s.
  • Access to the Facebook Group where you can ask me questions throughout the week – you are so supported!
  • Videos of each week uploaded to the Members Area so you can go over each of the points.
  • Your free eBook – Getting Online with Authenticity & without Overwhelm (as your homework).


What you will receive from me when we work together:

  • Heart centered & friendly communication.  I am patient & kind as I understand the struggle – I taught myself nearly 20 years ago and I remember the learning curve.
  • Over 17 years of experience in web design – I’ve done the hard bits and here to make your life easy.
  • I treat your life’s work with respect and awe.  Only good vibes here!
  • Feel free to ask as many questions as you want without feeling silly.
  • Commitment to your satisfaction.

So How Much is this Training?

The membership will be opening very soon in early 2019 for a:

$97.00 one time only access

for an extra $29/month you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me any of your questions.

*My usual consultation price for 1 1/2 hours is $165
*Zippay available – conditions apply. Contact me for details.

I would love to have you and empower you to build your own website with soul!

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