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Your online presence is not just a pretty website – It’s so much more.

Welcome to my page.. if you have found me here, I’m sure you know about my work and what I’m about by now.

If you are after a website which is not only visually stunning, but actually works and converts viewers into customers, you are in the right place.

Let’s get started!

Starter Packages

Developed especially for the price conscious  or for those who wanted to build their own website, but quickly figured out the brain strain & work involved in learning the technicalities.


Custom Online Alchemy

A fully personalised, concierge service for established entrepreneurs. The Alchemy package is perfect for those requiring greater control in the architecture of their online vision.


My mission is to guide you and deliver you to online greatness.  We need to craft your vision and implement it carefully. I will guide you through that with ease and joy.

Working with me you will always get a fully responsive, fast, safe website with brilliant UI (industry speak for User Interface),  With 18 years experience you are in safe hands (Read About my career here).

You can start dip your toe in with one of my starter packages or work in depth with me and experience an in depth concierge service with my Custom Online Alchemy package.  I also cater strongly to the doTERRA Leader, as I am a Wellness Advocate myself and understand how & what to include on your website.

About WordPress for the Technical Minded

For website development I use WordPress. I have been using it since 2010 when clients started needing a powerful platform that they could manage themselves.  Clients like to add their own pages, blog, add products to their shop and change things around as they need without having to contact their web developer every single time they want changes.

WordPress has developed into a fantastic content management system over the years with loads of themes, plugins and functionality being constantly developed  for it. It is powerful and easy enough to us with a little bit of guidance. When I started using WordPress, I was blown away with what it could do. At that time I developed my own themes, but now with the advance of drag and drop interfaces – I am concentrating on building a fantastic UI (User Interface) within these completely customisable themes.  Of course if anything goes wrong – I know where to look, how to fix it and get it running again as I have the experience. I can also fully customise the theme using CSS and code to do pretty much anything I want it to do…

I have a handful of themes and plugins I like to use that I know don’t conflict with each other and are easy for you, my client, to use.  Because YOU want to concentrate on what’s important, not fixing something that breaks all the time. Here’s a link to What Themes & Plugins I use for myblog.

Starter Website Packages

 You gathered your content easily, but have no idea of how to even start a website. These packages are a wonderful blend of DIYing but getting a professional to build the website for you. How cool is that?!

The wonderful thing about these packages is that you get a fully designed, responsive & professional website built by me on the same platform I use for my custom web projects but for a fraction of the price. Why??

Firstly because I believe everyone should have an amazing website and also it is because I’ve pre-built them waiting for you to insert your own content & branding within the layout provided. The hard work has already been done and duplicated and therefore the cost can be brought down.

These are quick turnaround websites in a box and a perfect way to launch your business while watching your expenditure.



  • Custom licenced font to match your branding: $110 (not including font licence fee)
  • Upgrade to have Shop online $220 (three products + three categories)
  • Upgrade of Instagram feed to Pro – $29USD
    Extra Pages – $55 if copied layout from another page, $110 for a medium sized designed page.
  • Personal Website Training: $165 (for a one hour one on one session)
  • Full Access to Membership area to teach yourself WordPress & Divi – $77

Sarah Wilder


Carlee Modra – A Return to Innocence
Beyond 5d – Jude Roche

Karla! My goddess - what a treasure this woman is! She just gets it. Her beautiful feminine design style mixed with her own fierce business edge is the perfect combo I needed when I called on her to help me bring specific creations to life! She totally is the full package - and I’m so grateful to have her play a big role in my cosmic business cohort. I can tell she really takes the extra step to get to know your brands voice and really shapeshift into it when she’s in creation mode for your brand or business; and to me that’s totally what we need when we want our biz to stand out online. Blessed to work with her is an understatement x

Sarah Wilder - Artist & doTERRA Gold Leader

Custom Online Alchemy

A fully personalised, concierge service for established entrepreneurs. The Alchemy package is perfect for those requiring greater control in the architecture of their online vision.

I work closely, one on one with you to create your absolute perfect vision. 

This package is for the visionary must have their vision, creativity & full self expressed through their website & branding.  It is for the soulpreneur who is ready to dive deep into their business and make it happen.

Nothing is too hard and everything is customisable to suit your own personal brand.

We start with a 1 hour Clarity Consulatation call* so we can reallly dive into what makes your business/project tick and how to deliver it authentically to your audience. 

 I will guide you into clarity so that embarking on this venture will be full of ease & joy.

Think of me as your personal branding & empowerment coach blending technical & esoteric knowledge + your web designer.


You approach your business with a clarity you’ve never had before while receiving a high end professional website, authentic branding & a thriving social media prescence. 

*cost of the Clarity Consultation call will be reimbursed upon working together – I will take it off the quote.  You will also receive a FREE copy of my workbook – Online Alchemy :: A Workbook to get you Online with Authenticity & Ease


  • Starting at 5 pages including Blog (three initial blog posts). Extra pages & functionalities will be quoted upon.
  • Coaching calls with myself (2 x 1 hour) + unlimited contact via messenger, email or voxer.
  • Branding included which includes colour selection, custom images, backgrounds, custom elements and relevant social headers & squares. (logo not included and will incur an extra fee upon quotation).
  • Custom layout designed especially for you and to your specifications.
  • Full access to my VIP Membership area where you can access all theme training videos + a four week course of how to use WordPress & the theme I use.
  • Personal 1 hour training with myself to empower you to use your website.
  • 1 month of free updates ($16.50 thereafter) to your site.
  • Pro Instagram feed & Facebook pixel installed
  • Email capture connected to any mail provider
  • Custom choice of fonts (web font licence extra)
  • SEO plugins*, security & backup plugins (SEO is not provided)
  • E-commerce store extra (pricing upon quote)
  • Turnaround time: Custom for each individual


To discuss pricing, please either make a booking to chat or download my Pricing Schedule here.

“Karla is a creative visionary who is dream to partner & collaborate with.  Karla has brought many of my business and brands’ visual dreams to life on paper, computer screen and the stage with her artistic gifts.

She “sees” the soul of my business.”

Yvette Luciano – Soulpreneurs Founder/Author & doTERRA Blue Diamond Leader


Branding & Graphic Design

Allow the soul of your business to weave her essence through heart-ruled branding and collaborative inspiration.


Mastermind & Ease

Quit the overwhelm and move into the joy of your online biz.  Together we can find clarity and step into your online power.


I’m on Instagram

This is my authentic self…. follow my journey, art, inspiration and magick here..

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