I offer you more than just a building a website or designing your branding…
I offer you your very own Sacred Online Space & manifestation of your vision
A place where I tread lightly and respect your vision
A place where I intuit, and materialise your vision through excellent design & vast experience…
This is where you manifest your intention to the universe…
This is where you shine your light onto the world with your very own unique talents, gifts & passion…




My passion is to help empower you to SHARE your Vision, magic & passion with the world.

From your Website which I prefer to call a Sacred Online Space, to an Intuitive & fitting logo or branding package, to a beautifully designed E-book that conveys your message to your awaiting tribe – I can provide these services with heart & soul.

You see – I am one of you – so I get it

I want you to be in love with the end result otherwise it’s not a job well done in my books.  In the end, I want you to be empowered to use your site confidently and to light up this Universe!

Your online presence and branding is not just that – you are setting an intention and therefore manifesting to the Universe Who You Are and Why you are doing what you are doing.   I’m not just designing here, beautiful people, I am creating a vision with you.  Your intention is powerful.  It is crucial that you are clear on your Why, clear on what your Mission is and clear about what you want.  We are making magic here creating your business.  We need to craft it carefully.

What you will receive from me when we work together:

  • We work TOGETHER on the project.  You are the visionary and it is up to me to listen, understand, intuit, interpret & enable your vision;
  • Beautiful, functional and intuitive design;
  • Heart centered & friendly communication.  I keep you in the loop at all times so you know what is going on.
  • Over 17 years of experience in this field.  Not only can I design, but I can troubleshoot & code if anything ever goes wrong (they don’t call me the #wordpressfairy for nothing);
  • When the the project is complete, I will guide you (if you find the process too daunting) in empowering you to use your site.
  • I treat your life’s work with respect and awe.  Only good vibes here!
  • to ask as many questions as you want without feeling silly;
  • Commitment to finishing the task;
People I’ve worked With

How I Work

For website development I use WordPress.  Although I have been developing websites from scratch since the early 2000’s, nowadays there isn’t the budget or the time (and I love to concentrate on my creativity) to do this.  Clients like to add their own pages, blog, add products to their shop and change things around as they need without having to contact their web developer.

This is where the CMS (Content Management System) comes in.  WordPress has developed into a fantastic CMS over the years with loads of themes, plugins and functionality being constantly developed  for it.  It is powerful and easy enough to use.    I started using WordPress in 2010 after using other Content Management Systems and I was blown away with what it could do.  At that time I developed my own themes, but now with the advance of drag and drop interfaces – I am now going to concentrate on building a fantastic UI (User Interface).  Of course if anything goes wrong – I know where to look, how to fix it and get it running again as I have the experience.

I have a handful of themes and plugins I like to use that I know don’t conflict with each other and are easy for you, my client, to use.  Because YOU want to concentrate on what’s important, not fixing something that breaks all the time.

If you feel resonant about working with me, you can email me and I’d love a Skype consultation with you so we can connect, or you can download a



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