I offer you more than just a building a website or designing your branding.
I offer you your very own Sacred Online Space & manifestation of your vision.
A place where I tread lightly and respect your vision.
A place where I intuit, and materialise your vision through excellent design & vast experience.
This is where you manifest your intention to the universe.
This is where you shine your light onto the world with your very own unique talents, gifts & passion.

Branding & Graphic Design

Allow the soul of your business to weave her essence through heart-ruled branding and collaborative inspiration.


Web Design & Development

From starter packages to custom online alchemy, doTERRA Leader Packages to E-commerce – I have your back.


Consultations & Mastermind

Quit the overwhelm and move into the joy of your online biz by educating yourself.  Together we can find clarity and step into your online power.


My passion is to help empower you to SHARE your vision, magic & passion with the world.

From your beautiful & authentic website, to an intuitive & fitting logo or branding package, to a beautifully designed E-book that conveys your message to your awaiting tribe – I can provide these services with heart and soul.

You see – I am one of you – so I get it…

I want you to be in love with the end result otherwise it’s not a job well done in my books.  In the end, I want you to be empowered to use your site confidently and to light up this universe

What you will receive from me when we work together:

  • We work TOGETHER on the project.  You are the visionary and it is up to me to listen, understand, intuit, interpret & enable your vision;
  • Beautiful, functional and intuitive design;
  • Heart centered & friendly communication.  I keep you in the loop at all times so you know what is going on.
  • Over 17 years of experience in this field.  Not only can I design, but I can troubleshoot & code for added flexibility;
  • When the the project is complete, I will guide you (if you find the process too daunting) in empowering you to use your site.  If you purchased one of the starter packages, you always have videos of my training here to refer to. But I'm only an email away!
  • I treat your life's work with respect and awe.  Only good vibes here!
  • Feel free to ask as many questions as you want without feeling silly;
  • Commitment to your satisfaction;
P.S. Can’t wait to start?  Download my Guide to Getting Online with Authenticity (and without the Overwhelm).


Web Design & Development

Your online presence is not just that – It’s so much more.

You are setting an intention and therefore manifesting to the Universe who you are and why you are doing what you are doing.   

I’m not just designing & developing your website beautiful, I am creating your vision with you.   Your intention is powerful.

It is crucial that you are clear on your ‘why’, clear on what your mission is and clear about what you want and how you want to serve. We are making magic here, creating your business and reaching the people you intend to serve. We need to craft it carefully. I will guide you through that with ease and joy.

With that said, working with me you will always get a fully responsive, fast, safe website with brilliant UI (industry speak for User Interface),  With 18 years experience you are in safe hands (Read About my career here).

You can start small with one of my starter packages or go big with my Custom Online Alchemy package.  I also cater strongly to the doTERRA Leader, as I am a Wellness Advocate myself and understand how the dT biz works – I have built a package especially to suit this amazing business and it’s leaders.

Scroll down to see the packages I offer here, or download the Pricing Package to have a look at my prices and offerings.

About WordPress for the Technical Minded
For website development I use WordPress. I have been using it since 2010 when clients started needing a powerful platform that they could manage themselves.  Clients like to add their own pages, blog, add products to their shop and change things around as they need without having to contact their web developer every single time they want changes.

WordPress has developed into a fantastic content management system over the years with loads of themes, plugins and functionality being constantly developed  for it. It is powerful and easy enough to us with a little bit of guidance. When I started using WordPress, I was blown away with what it could do. At that time I developed my own themes, but now with the advance of drag and drop interfaces – I am concentrating on building a fantastic UI (User Interface) within these completely customisable themes.  Of course if anything goes wrong – I know where to look, how to fix it and get it running again as I have the experience. I can also fully customise the theme using CSS and code to do pretty much anything I want it to do…

I have a handful of themes and plugins I like to use that I know don’t conflict with each other and are easy for you, my client, to use.  Because YOU want to concentrate on what’s important, not fixing something that breaks all the time. Here’s a link to What Themes & Plugins I use for myblog.


I work closely, one on one with you to create your absolute perfect vision.  This package is for the visionary who knows what they want and must have their vision & creativity expressed through their website & branding.  It is for the soulpreneur who is ready to dive deep into their business and make it happen.

Nothing is too hard and everything is customisable to suit your own personal brand.    

Starting From: $2200 inc GST


Developed especially for the price conscious.  These websites have been lovingly built by me and are every bit as good as a custom website.  I have used the same theme, and built it the same way I would any of my custom websites, however the reason why I have been able to deliver them at such a low rate, is because I have pre-built them and the layout stays the same and I can use the over and over again.  The amazing thing is that once you add your own images, branding & colours, the site totally changes and you would never know.

To get started, all you have to do is insert your own logo & photos, give me your branding colours, pick your own Google Fonts (I can help you) and write your copy to fit within the layout and away we go. 

These are quick turnaround websites in a box and a perfect way to launch your business at a budget.

The Lightworker’s Blog

Perfect for the lightworker (or shadow-worker) who is starting out and wants to just share some info & blog. 

It includes 4 beautifully designed & responsive pages including a Blog.  Change your fonts & colours to your desire and give me your high quality images in a Dropbox & Google doc of your copy and I can deliver you a beautiful website within the week.

$660 inc GST



Carlee Modra – A Return to Innocence
Beyond 5d – Jude Roche

Your Soul Biz Starter

000Perfect for the starter Soulpreneur who wants a beautiful website to share their services, but has just started their business and the budget is tight.

The website includes 5 in depth, beautifully designed & responsive pages including a blog.  For an extra $200 you can add a fully integrated Shop.  How good is that??

$770 inc GST – *without shop

$990 with a shop



The Empowerment Collective

Branding & Graphic Design

Figuring out your “brand” yourself can be tricky… seriously, trying to concisely define who you are and what you do can be a challenging feat – I mean how do you reduce a complex human being into a logo, tagline & look?  

Defining your brand is so much more than that… I will take you through your values, again your WHY, WHO you’re serving & HOW you want to serve. We will look at your likes & dislikes of what is currently out there and narrow down your palette of colours, images and how you present yourself in imagery and copy.


From brand mentoring – I will create your logo, your colour palette, your fonts, your social media headers & graphics, your email headers, backgrounds & elements into one package.  Having this available to you makes it easier for your web developer or graphic designer (if you choose not to work with me) to adhere to your authentic brand.  I also work with an amazing brand mentor & copywriter – her name is Nelle (see Collaborations) and we can work together to get your brand just right.


For all my life I have been creating beautiful images and now it’s my job and I get to do this for you (woohooo!)

My passion is mandalas & what I call ‘alchemy art’ and would love to design you your very own talisman or collage piece. I am extremely diverse in my talents and don’t have a particular “style”.  Your style is my style – what you want is what I design.

I always urge my clients to ignore trends and go with what feels authentic to their own tastes and representations.  We want your brand to represent your heart & soul, and for your potential client to connect with that. If you follow a trend rather than what you truly love – then your potential client will miss your glorious essence!

Go here to see some example of my work

Consultancy & Mastermind

Would you like someone to hold your hand as you navigate building your own website.  Have you spent hours googling something that should be fairly simple (believe me I’ve done it myself!).  Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused and dont’ know where to start?

I’m here for you if you need to ask any questions, or need some guidance on finishing your project.  Let’s connect.

Group Training

Come and join me for a 4 week journey at 1.5 hours a week.  I will personally and gently guide you and others (max 8) learning the basics of WordPress & the theme that I use which is Divi.  This is a technical course, but always supported with getting yourself online with authenticity.  

By the end of the training you will have built your own website and have a good understanding of building a site with WordPress, how to use it and and knowledge of how social media, your business systems and mailing list integrate.

You will have access to a Members only resource library and become part of a Facebook Group where you can help each other and ask me questions during the course.

I’m on Instagram

This is my authentic self…. follow my journey, art, inspiration and magic here..

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Karla x


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